Biographies. The thing that’s supposed to make me less mysterious to you readers. What to say about me, when all I want to say is “I can’t wait to read everything?” Well, my name is Brianna. I previously reviewed with my co-bloggers Ava and Derna at Book Nerds Anonymous, and then with them and Brittany over at Biblio Belles. I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. Ever since I discovered the internet and sites like GoodReads, I’ve just wanted to share my thoughts about books with the rest of the world. So here I am!
My very first favorite genre was urban fantasy. I couldn’t get enough of these fast-paced paranormal stories that usually had sassy, kick-but heroines as protagonists. I absolutely love the mythology found in the genre. Fairies, vampires, magicians, werewolves, gods. I’ll read about whatever, although admittedly shapeshifters are not my favorite. Out of those paranormal things listed above, I love witches and gods/goddesses the best.
If urban fantasy is my first love, historical romance in all its many forms is fast becoming my second. I can’t seem to quit reading about different time periods. Dukes, servants, highlanders, cowboys, I’ll take it all. And if the duke happens to be a vampire or have a clockwork body part? Yeah, I’ll accept those too. Steampunk romance is something I’ve recently started trying out, and really loving, thanks to Meljean Brook and Bec McMaster. Along with this, Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series has gotten me interested in historical mysteries, so I’m on the lookout for more of those for sure. I just love any book set in the past with a heroine who’s strong and smart, falling in love, and possibly solving a mystery or two.
What I don’t go for is love triangles, or stories with weak heroines. It’s also hard for me to get in to books with several different narrators, but as I used to only read first-person with one point of view and now have read many alternating third-person POV books in a row, I’m working on it. Sad endings are another thing not really for me. If a book is going to end less than happily, I definitely want to expect it beforehand. Which, I suppose, is why I’m reading books with more romantic elements these days.
As for favorite authors… well, it’s a good thing I don’t have to pick just one!!!! In urban fantasy, I absolutely love Seanan McGuire and Ilona Andrews. Mostly because their heroines are strong and refuse to back down from anyone, and the heroes are loyal and will do anything to protect those they care for. Another thing that is vitally important in urban fantasy, and a huge part in why these authors are my favorites, is because of the worlds they create. I literally can’t get enough of their characters, plots, and overall creativity.
In historical romance, I tend to go for the funny. So it’s no surprise I really like Tessa Dare and Julia Quinn. I also love medieval romances, and Julie Garwood and Maya Banks are the authors who got me started on those. As I previously mentioned, Bec McMaster and Meljean Brook got me into steampunk romance, and Deanna Raybourn is converting me to historical mysteries. Finally, Courtney Milan came along with the glorious Brothers Sinister series and made me appreciate angst. So I guess I’m workin on stretching my horizons there, as well. But if you give me a spinster/governess/wallflower, I’m generally on-board with anything. Especially if she’s doing something women in her time shouldn’t. I absolutely can’t talk books without mentioning my first real, all-out series love. Which won’t surprise anybody. But… Harry Potter. Oh, I read other books I quite liked before The Boy Who Lived came along. But never until then did I feel absolute love whenever I even thought of the stories and characters, let alone read them. So yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Therefore, if I make Harry Potter references or bring it up in my posts, don’t be surprised. Either way, books are my constant. Whether it’s Regency-era England, the old west, medieval Scotland, or some alternate version of our world today, I’m there. If you’ve got strong heroines, a great world, and romance I can get behind, I’m almost guaranteed to love the book. I’m working on expanding my reading boundaries with my new-found love of all things historical, so who knows what I’ll get into next! Hopefully, I’ll mention or review a book that you’ll find interesting enough to want to check out for yourself.

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