Brianna’s Review – The Daydreamer Detective Opens a Tea Shop by S. J. Pajonas @spajonas


Title: The Daydreamer Detective Opens a Tea Shop
Author: S. J. Pajonas
Series: Miso Cozy Mysteries, Book#3
Publication Date: February 27, 2017
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Mei Yamagawa’s bad luck is almost at an end. Her tea shop is a week away from opening, she and Yasahiro have planned a trip away, and the future is looking bright and hopeful. But when Yasahiro’s ex-fiancée, Amanda, shows up unexpectedly, demanding his time and presence, all of their plans dissolve. Amanda is tough and drives Mei up the wall, so it’s no surprise when Mei tells her to get lost, only for Amanda to be murdered a few hours later. Yasahiro becomes the prime suspect, and Mei must put everything on hold to help free him.

Following Amanda’s past through her digital footprint, Mei uncovers secret lovers, shady business deals, and the biggest secret of all, why Amanda and Yasahiro broke up in the first place. With everyone turning against her and the case under media scrutiny, tracking down the killer becomes an obsession Mei can’t give up. There’s no turning back, though, because solving the murder means getting her life back. Not solving it means losing everything forever.

TAKE NOTE! This is the third book of the Miso Cozy Mystery series. In order to not spoil previous mysteries and storylines, please read THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE BRAVES THE WINTER first!


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*I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

Wow. This book was an emotional roller coaster. So many different things happen that change Mei in so many ways, I can only imagine how she’ll end up in the next novel. I just read the novella preceding this story, and so I left Mei and Yasahiro in a relatively stable place in their relationship. Needless to say if you’ve seen the synopsis, that all changed in here.

Mei started out this book excited about life. She and Yasahiro were doing well, and her dream of opening a tea shop was finally very close at hand. However, as with Mei’s cursed luck, things went quite wrong. Yasahiro’s ex-girlfriend Amanda reappeared in their lives by showing up at Yasahiro’s restaurant. I couldn’t stand Amanda. She was manipulative, self-absorbed, and always wanted to get her way. She refused to believe she and Yasahiro were through, and was always telling Mei that Yasahiro wasn’t serious about her, and that he’d grow tired of Mei. Mei was pretty susceptible to that, sometimes a bit too much so.

With all this going on, things only began to grow worse when Amanda was first attacked, and then murdered a day later. Mei was first considered a suspect as she was the last person who saw Amanda, but after she was cleared, everyone looked to Yasahiro as the murderer. That’s really where the plot of this book kicked in. Mei had to try and get Yasahiro set free as well as fine Amanda’s true killer. Plus, someone was stealing from Mei’s mother, Mei’s tea shop was in jeopardy with Yasahiro in jail, and Mei learned some interesting secrets about Yasahiro.

As you can tell, this book was action-packed. I read it in pretty much one sitting, as I had to see how the characters would end up, who the villain was, and how Mei would come through this. There was sadness, doubt, love, some arguing, and awesome friendships. With the way this story ended, I’m very excited to see what’s next for Mei, although I do have to admit that some things weren’t quite cleared up enough for my satisfaction at the end. Still, I quite liked this, and recommend it highly for readers of the series.



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