Brianna’s Review – To Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long

To Love a ThiefTo Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long
I’ve finally finished a book, and read a new author! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Julie Anne Long’s books, and when I saw this story had a rags-to-riches theme, I immediately had to try it.

I loved the heroine, Lily. Stubborn and proud, Lily would do whatever she had to to protect her little sister Alice. That included becoming a thief. Yeah, she stole for a living, but the author really helped me understand and love Lily.

I liked the hero, Gideon, too. He was kind, and also just wanted to protect his younger sister. I loved the fact that he was a barrister, we don’t often get working heroes in historicals. Or, should I say, I haven’t read many that feature them. I should change that. Anyway, for all that I liked Gideon and his poetry-reading ways, he was SO annoying about finally deciding what he wanted out of life. Plus he had the whole double standards of “I want my position in society, but I also want the non-aristocratic woman as my mistress” thing going. And sure, that’s totally realistic, but I can’t stand that in my heroes. Fortunately, since this IS a romance, we all know how things end up.

Despite my issues with Gideon, this book was totally engrossing. Whenever I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading. The plot was rags-to-riches mixed with a bit of fake, or not-so-fake, relationship. Gideon needed someone to help make Constance, the lady he wanted to marry, jealous. Which is where Lily came in, after he caught her trying to steal from him one day. In order to keep out of prison, Lily went along with the make-Constance-jealous plan. Gideon had a plan to be a wealthy barrister of high societal position, and for that, he needed Constance. What followed was Gideon realizing that all that just might not matter, Lily learning that sometimes you had to not be proud, and just a great romance, once the issues were worked out.

I really liked this book. Yes, I definitely had problems with Gideon, but I loved Lily. When she first met Constance, I was laughing and cheering her on so much. This story was emotional at parts, and things were drawn out a lot more than I would have liked, but still. It was a good book I really enjoyed reading, and I definitely recommend it.



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