Brianna’s Review – What Happens in London by Julia Quinn



Title: What Happens in London(Bevelstoke, Book#2)
Author: Julia Quinn
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: June 30 2009 by Avon


When Olivia Bevelstoke is told that her new neighbor may have killed his fiancee, she doesn’t believe it for a second, but, still, how can she help spying on him, just to be sure? So she stakes out a spot near her bedroom window, cleverly concealed by curtains, watches, and waits … and discovers a most intriguing man, who is definitely up to something.

Sir Harry Valentine works for the boring branch of the War Office, translating documents vital to national security. He’s not a spy, but he’s had all the training, and when a gorgeous blonde begins to watch him from her window, he is instantly suspicious. But just when he decides that she’s nothing more than an annoyingly nosy debutante, he discovers that she might be engaged to a foreign prince, who might be plotting against England. And when Harry is roped into spying on Olivia, he discovers that he might be falling for her himself …



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After finishing the Red Rising trilogy, I needed something light with low angst. Quinn suggested this book, and I’m so happy she did! This book is fun, witty, and it just made me happy.

Olivia was a great heroine. Intelligent, witty, and a maker of hilarious lists, she won me over immediately. It helped, of course, that she was a genuinely nice person. The hero, Harry, was nice as well. I loved him right away, and felt particularly sorry for him, given his background. I loved the windo talks, the banter, just everything.

The plot of this book was just fun. I mean, I don’t like spies, but it was brought to light sooner than I thought. Olivia and Harry didn’t quite like each other at first, but they just had to get to know each other. It didn’t involve any big misunderstandings, miscommunication, or anything like that. The side characters of Harry’s rake of a cousin Sebastian, and the annoying Prince Alexei really helped round out the novel.

I have to say, I think this may be my favorite Julia Quinn novel. It was light with a great romance, and very funny. There are scenes involving a delightfully bad Gothic novel, hilarious writing, and great dialog. This book was just perfect for what I needed, and I even broke my “never read series out of order” rule to read it. What that means is, you should do the same and pick this up when you’re needing a lighthearted historical. You won’t regret it.

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2 thoughts on “Brianna’s Review – What Happens in London by Julia Quinn

    1. It really did. I had so much fun reading this book. Oh, the novel scene! Lol I couldn’t believe Sebastian read it aloud. I hope he’s as fun in his own story.


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