Derna’s Review ~ Dancing on a Moonbeam: Part 3 (Bedford Falls) by @KatePerry


28953771Dancing on a Moonbeam Part 3 – by Kate Perry
Series: Bedford Falls
Release: 9th March 2016


Eleanor Westwood and her neighbor Max have a deal to help each other—one they sealed with more than a kiss.

Which is a problem, because what was supposed to be a simple deal becomes so much more as Eleanor lets Max dance his way into her heart. It should be win-win, except Eleanor isn’t sure she can ever be triumphant in love…unspecified-4





*** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ***

Dancing on a Moonbeam Part 3 is the last part of Eleanor and Max’s story. Max is determined more than ever to capture all of Eleanor’s heart, but Eleanor has her doubts, as she’s not convinced that she is worthy of great love.

I enjoyed part 3, I did feel a little sorry for Eleanor, as she seemed to doubt her abilities and had lost a little of the sparkle and inner fire for a while, but luckily for her, she had some great friend who wouldn’t let her sparkle fizz out. And of course, she had Max, who was sweet, supportive and always gave her reassurance when she needed it.

Overall this book it was a lovely second chance romance story with some great characters. It was perfect ending to Eleanor and Max’s love story and a perfect start to the series. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kate has in store for us for the rest of Bedford Falls series. She has created some lovely secondary characters that are worthy of a story of their own.

As I always say if you’re a Fan of Kate and her writing you won’t be disappointed so one-click this one today.

P.s Max can write a piece of music for me anytime! unspecified


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ag6tupsy_400x400These are a few of Kate’s favorite things…

The giggle of balloons as they rub together. Resting her head on her sister’s shoulder. The sparkle of the sun setting on the Seine. Accordions, fiddles, the banging of drums! Spinning her sword in figure eights. The sultry confidence wearing her tango shoes. The splatter of bright paint on a canvas. The crisp joy of a mouthful of champagne. And, most of all, LOVE, because nothing’s more important.

Kate writes about all these magical things and Happily Ever After. Her acclaimed Laurel Heights and Summerhill books are international bestsellers, as are her Fillmore & Greenwich and Summerhill series. She’s been translated into several languages. All her books feature sassy, independent women who just want love and earthy men full of heart who are more than able to rise to the occasion.

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