Brianna’s Review – Indigo by Beverly Jenkins

IndigoIndigo by Beverly Jenkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A couple weeks ago, I read Beverly Jenkins’ Forbidden. I had read two books by her previously, but didn’t love them. Forbidden made me want to read every historical she’d ever written though. And I’m SO glad I made Indigo my follow-up book!!! Thank you, Old School Romance Book Club, for making this the February read.

Indigo followed the characters of Hester and Galen. Hester was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, so I was immediately interested in her story. I loved how passionate she was to end slavery. Plus, Hester was very witty, and she held onto her pride. Galen was also a conductor, but he was a very well-known one. He started off the book so rude, but then! He became such an interesting guy. He wanted Hester to have some fun in life. I did love how honorable he was, and that Hester was the one running away from the idea of a relationship, and not him. Plus, his familial background was pretty crazy.

The plot of this story was just…so great. Hester hid Galen away when he showed up with an escaped family, injured. She helped him to recover, during which they got to know one another, and also became attracted to each other. He left for a short while, only to come back to do his best to win Hester. Now, this book had one of my least-favorite, but the oh-so-popular element of one of the main characters being engaged to someone who obviously isn’t their mate. This time, it was Hester. But guys! The way that Beverly Jenkins handled this plot!! I loved it! And then, there’s the actual history found in this novel. I was just fascinated reading about conductors working for the Underground Railroad. The story was set pre-Civil War, so there was tension all throughout the country. I thought the author portrayed this time in American history stunningly well.

This is, for now, my favorite Beverly Jenkins novel. The characters were just so likable(well, Galen had to become that way, but still). The plot was riveting, and the historical detail was just enough that I believe these characters existed in some shape or form. There are two things I have not mentioned yet. Firstly, I loved how this book was set in Michigan. I live on the Michigan border, and…I just loved seeing all that history. All the places I know, at least in their 2016 form. It just lent this novel so much realism for me. Finally, in the story, Hester’s father sold himself into slavery to be with her mother. I can’t even imagine that kind of love, I’m pretty sure I could never do that. But…Beverly Jenkins made all of that believable, too.

Either way, if you haven’t picked up on this fact, I thought Indigo was amazing. From the meaning of the title of the book to pretty much everything in-between, I just couldn’t stop reading. This book had so many emotions. Happiness, love, family, history. I’m very glad I opted to cancel my hold at the library and buy this book instead. I feel that I will be rereading this one.

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